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Glendale Artisan Farmers Market

Saturdays , 7am - 1:30 pm

Gosford Artisan Farmers Market

Saturdays , 7am - 1pm

Newcastle Farmers Market

Saturdays , 7am - 1pm


Treat Yourself

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Bonjour Crêpes is a mobile crêperie dishing up authentic and delicious crêpes & galettes from our cutest marquee across the beautiful Central Coast and beyond.


The founder is a native Frenchwoman from La Bretagne (Brittany), where crepes and galettes originate from. She realized how hard it was to find a tasty crepe and galette in Australia, the way she used to have it when she was in France. So she has brought her tradition and passion for the French cuisine to the Central Coast to offer authentic French high quality catering services.


Only the finest ingredients find their way to our kitchen and are sourced from local providers. Using our founder’s family recipe from La Bretagne, our crepes & galettes never fail to impress. The galettes – savoury crepes – being made of buckweaht flour, we provide gluten free and vegan options.


Who We Are


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Interested in Our Special Catering Services? 

We offer catering for a large variety function including corporate events, private parties, markets, festivals, and community and school events. For all functions, we come out and set up at your venue, with all the equipment and tools and provide an unforgettable feel to your event. Whatever the event, we will provide a lovely set up to accommodate your needs. Let our chefs cook yummy crepes right in front of your eyes. 

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